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 Why we love what we do

Hi!  I'm Jen Primack, founder of Upcycled Designs.  Some people meditate or do yoga to relax and center themselves...I sew instead. Sewing and creating with pre-loved t-shirts is an opportunity to craft something new out of our memories and sentimental moments.

I began my personal story with upcycling about 13 years ago after my Dad lost a six-month battle with cancer.  My Dad didn't leave many tangible possessions, but he did leave a closet full of clothes.  After learning how to sew from my crafty hubby (Thanks sweetie!) I began sewing memory pillows for people in my family.  I used my Dad's suits and ties to create a pillow for my sister.  For my Dad's best friend, Alan, I stitched up a pillow out of my Dad's Steelers' Ts.  

After my kids Micah and Sadie (featured in many of the websites photos) were born, I began sewing clothing.  As soon as my kids went down for a nap, I started up the machine, and I was taken away to my peaceful and relaxing place.

Now it has been thirteen years of creating garments and furnishings with pre-loved clothing.  I would be honored to transform your fabric memories into treasures that you can cherish and enjoy in your daily life. Essentially, Upcycled Designs is all about returning those sentimental t-shirts you have been saving out of your basement or blue storage bins and back into your everyday world where you can enjoy them.  

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