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Bean Bag Chairs
  • How much does a custom bean bag chair cost? Your custom bean bag chair and bean-filled insert is $275 plus shipping.
  • How long does it take to make my bean bag chair?  You will receive your bean bag chair within 6-8 weeks of when we receive your shirts.  Some exceptions may apply during peak periods such as Christmas and graduation seasons.

  • How many shirts do I need to send to make a custom bean bag chair?  While 12 shirts is ideal, but anywhere from 10-18 shirts works just fine!

  • Can I send you items of clothing that are not t-shirts?  No.  We are a t-shirt only kinda place.  We stay true to the cuddly nature of t-shirts.  

  • Will I get the unused part of my t-shirts back?  Sorry, we scrap the unused portions of the t-shirts.

  • Is the bean bag cover removable? Of course!  Your bean bag cover has a zipper for easy removal.

  • How do I clean my bean bag cover? The cover can be cleaned in your home washer and dryer.  Wash in cold or warm water.  No bleach.  The bean-filled insert is NOT washable.

  • What kind of fabric is used? Jersey knit fabric is used to make the cover so that the chair feels cuddly like your favorite sweatshirt.  The outside of the bean-filled insert is made of cotton.

  • Can I pick the color of my bean bag cover?  Yes!  When you order your bean bag chair, you can choose up to two colors from the drop-down menu.

  • I've still got questions, how do I reach you?  Just send us an email at

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