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Eco-friendly fundraising for your organization

Upcycled Designs provides schools and organizations with an eco-friendly, hassle-free way to solicit donations.  Fundraising with Upcycled Designs means NO intensive volunteer process and many happy donors.


Upcycled Designs fundraisers are not your typical candy or t-shirt sale.  Instead, they are cherished opportunities that parents and communities welcome.


Plus, when you include t-shirts with your organization's name and/or logo the upcycled keepsakes also do some marketing for you. 


Your organization distributes order forms (backpack mail, email or flyers). Families choose eco-friendly products to purchase.  

Upcycled Designs sews the earth-friendly products that are ordered. 

Sit back and relax while your school or organization earns 20% of the purchase price of each item ordered!!

How It Works

Contact Upcycled Designs today to schedule your fundraiser at

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