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This is an order for a custom t-shirt blanket made from your sentimental tees!  After making this purchase, we will email you detailed instructions on how to mail or drop-off your t-shirts to us. After mailing/dropping-off the shirts, sit back and relax while our master sewists put your sentimental t-shirts back into circulation as a blanket. In most cases, your blanket will be back in your arms within 6-8 weeks of us receiving your tees.


Here a little bit about our blanket making process...The shirts are cut into squares, sewn together and then sewn on to a fleece backing. There is NO quilting or batting between between the top t-shirt layer and the bottom fleece layer. The blankets are washer and dryer safe.


No more t-shirts stuck on blue bins in the basement, attic or closet. Now you will be wrapped in your memories just as you should be!


Custom Full Size T-Shirt Blanket

  • Upcycled Designs cuts each t-shirt  into a 12.5" square. The squares are then sewn together to make the blanket top. The backing of the blanket is made from warm 'n cuddly fleece. The top t-shirt layer and the bottom fleece layer are top stitched together.  


    In order to mantain the cuddly softness of the t-shirts, they are not backed with interfacing or a stablizer.

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