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Pets Are Family

I'm new to dog ownership. For years, I've heard friends talk about their pets in such endearing terms, many times more endearing terms than they refer to their human family members. I'd nod and smile, but honestly, I didn't get it. Most of my experience with animals was "okay" to "not so good." I remember when I was a teenager, my family dog humping the legs of my friends. It was INCREDIBLY embarrassing and not something that I wanted to have in my family of creation. Then enter my daughter, Sadie. Sadie LOVES all creatures and lobbied hard, and for years, for a dog. I made excuses and always found a reason why it wasn't the right time--winter is too hard to house train a dog, we were going on a vacation, etc. Then my husband, Brian, hurt his knee playing soccer. We thought an operation and a long recovery was in his future. Brian was taking the news like a champ, but he turned to me and said, "It sure would be nice to have a dog to cuddle with while I'm recovering." UNFAIR, UNBELIEVABLE. HE GOT ME.

The dog search began. After much searching, we welcomed a multi-color cavapoo into our family.

She was crazy, messy, and a lot of work, but I can't imagine life without her. How does she know just the right time to cuddle up with each of us? How does she know who had a long day at school or work and needs a lick on the nose. So intuitive and giving. Ellie is family.

So,now I get it! All of the "I love my dog stickers" and animal figurines. Pets are family. This realization has led Upcycled Designs to make

patchwork dog portrait pillows. Such fun and meaningful projects. What took me so long?

#dogpotrait #pets #dogs #cats #family #patchwork #pillows #upcycled #recycled #custom

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