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  • How much does a custom skirt cost? Your custom skirt is $50 for a youth size or $55 for an adult size, plus shipping.

  • How long does it take to make my skirt?  We will deliver your skirt 4-6 weeks from the time we receive your shirts.

  • How many t-shirts should I send to make my skirt?  There are four panels in the skirt.  You can send either 1 or 2 t-shirts.  If you only send one t-shirt, we will provide the second t-shirt needed to complete the skirt.

  • Can I send you clothing other than t-shirts?  No.  We are a t-shirt only kinda place.  We stay true to the cuddly nature of t-shirts.

  • Will I get the unused parts of my t-shirts back?  No.  We scrap the unused portion of the t-shirts.


  • What size skirts can Upcycled Designs create?  Upcycled Designs can make skirts from Size 2T to Women's XL (size 16).  

  • How do I clean my skirt? The skirt can be cleaned in your home washer and dryer.  Wash in cold or warm water and tumble dry.  No bleach.

  • What kind of fabric is used? Your t-shirt is paired with another t-shirt (yours or ours) to construct the four skirt panels.  New black ribbed-knit material is used to make the comfy yoga waistband.

  • I've still got questions, how do I reach you?  Just send us an email at

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